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We continue to have some significant safety concerns as a result of cars entering and exiting the East Staff Parking Lot where buses enter and exit the school lot each morning. In the interest of student safety, please try to use the circle drive in the front of the school for morning drop offs. We have revised our morning procedures to allow for an option for parents who feel that they absolutely must use the East entrance in the mornings. If you choose to use that entrance, we would like to ask that you drop off near the sidewalk on the West side of the cones and then use the circle drive to head back towards the East entrance/exit. The circle drive is one way, but there is enough room for two lanes of morning traffic. The lane near the sidewalk is for drop offs along the sidewalk and a separate passing lane for those who have already dropped off may also be utilized as long as you use caution when merging with other vehicles. Thank you for your patience and cooperation!

Circle Drive / Marquee West Entrance Map

Staff Parking Lot / Bus Area East Entrance Map