Triad CUSD #2 Releases Illinois Report Card Summative Designations

Triad Schools receive high summative designations from the Illinois State Board of Education. Triad Community Unit School District #2 shows high proficiency on Illinois Science Assessment (ISA), Illinois Academic Readiness (IAR), and Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT).  Chronic absenteeism across the district decreases.  

Today, the Triad School District along with all districts in the State of Illinois released its 2023 Illinois Report Card, which the Illinois State Board of Education prepares annually to provide a detailed look at each school’s progress on academics, student success, school culture and climate, and financial investments. 

Summative Designations for Triad Schools 

One component of the School Report Card is the annual summative designation for each school.  The annual summative designation is a descriptor of how well each school in Illinois is meeting the needs of all students. This designation is federally required and is based on eight components of academic, school quality, and student success indicators.  There are five possible designations which include exemplary, commendable, targeted, comprehensive, and intensive. 

Based on current data, Triad High School received the highest summative designation of  Exemplary for 2023, performing in the top 5% of high schools statewide and was the only high school and one of only two schools in Madison County earning this recognition.  

CA Henning, Marine, Silver Creek, St. Jacob Elementary Schools and Triad Middle School received the second highest summative designation of Commendable for 2023. 

Below are some of Triad’s highlights from the Illinois Report Card that make up the scores for the summative designations.

Illinois Science Assessment (ISA)

  • Triad students demonstrated an overall exemplary or proficient rating of 73.1% for the ISA at the 5th, 8th, and 11th grade levels in comparison to 52.2% rating for all students across the State of Illinois.  

Illinois Academic Readiness (IAR) 

  • At the elementary and middle school level, 48.7% of Triad students met or exceeded expectations in English Language Arts (ELA) in comparison to 35.4% of all students across the State of Illinois.  

  • At the elementary and middle school level, 41.9% of Triad students met or exceeded expectations in mathematics in comparison to 27.1% of all students across the State of Illinois.  

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

  • 40.4% of 11th grade students met or exceeded expectations in English Language Arts (ELA) on the SAT in comparison to 31.6% of all students across the State of Illinois.  

  • 37.5% of 11th grade students met or exceeded expectations in mathematics on the SAT in comparison to 26.7% of all students across the State of Illinois. 

Chronic Absenteeism 

  • Students in the Triad District reduced chronic absenteeism to 12.7%, a 5.3% decrease from the 2022 school year. A student is chronically absent when they miss 10% of school days within an academic year without a valid excuse.

Additional highlights for Triad from the 2023 Illinois Report Card include:

  • Increased 5-Essentials Survey participation from 89% to 97% average for all six schools 

  • 55.2% of Triad 8th grade students passed Algebra I

  • 96.9% of Triad High School students graduated in four years 

  • 603 Triad High School students took one or more dual credit courses

  • 699 Triad High School students participated in Career and Technical Education programs 

“We are proud of all our schools and the efforts of our tremendous staff in helping our students meet and exceed State standards and achieve our schools’ high summative designations. It is especially important to realize that the State is not rating our schools based upon just one testing metric, but multiple academic and student success indicators. Triad takes a holistic approach to the education of our children as an important aspect of our educational community,” said Dr. Rodney Winslow, Associate Superintendent.

Triad School District will work with staff to develop plans to continue to improve the educational opportunities within each building based in part on the data from the district’s report card.  

“Our teachers and staff work incredibly hard, and we are proud of their efforts in teaching and supporting our students,” said Superintendent Dr. Jason Henderson.  “Triad remains above state averages in achievement at all grade levels, and our continued growth is a testament to the students, staff and families in our communities.”   

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