Tracey Caponi Emerson

Congratulations to Tracey Caponi, CA Henning Kindergarten teacher, Triad's 2021-2022 Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award winner.

Mrs. Tracey Caponi is a one of a kind kindergarten teacher.  She is a caring and compassionate educator who has been surrounded by five to six year olds for the  past 25 years. Tracey shares her passion for learning with her students. She is the type of person who prefers to remain outside of the spotlight.  Tracey and her students can be found engaged in learning, singing, thinking outside the box and always having fun. The students recite the Golden Rule everyday and they live by this in her classroom,  “Never hurt anyone on the inside or the outside.”  She creates a classroom that students feel accepted and safe.  

In addition to working with students, Tracey serves as a mentor for the other kindergarten teachers in her school.  She is the type of caring person who is able to share her knowledge with others while encouraging innovative and new ideas.  Tracey has served on numerous committees and works in a partnership with her peers.  She works countless hours preparing lessons and is never afraid of a challenge-- whether it is new technology or curriculum--or anything in between.  

The parents of our younger students always feel so blessed to have a teacher who is gentle and loving in combination with high expectations.  Parents often share stories about Mrs. Caponi’s nurturing ways with their children and her reassuring ways with parents.   Parents comment that their children tell stories about their day in kindergarten -- having fun, doing yoga, and making videos to share with their parents.  Mrs. Caponi is an instrumental part of each young child’s journey and is an outstanding selection as an Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award winner.