Triad Together

After a long week, today seems like the perfect time to remind our community that the Triad Board of Education and administration recognize the challenges our entire Triad team has encountered and continues to deal with during the pandemic. Every staff member from bus drivers, custodians, para professionals, nurses, support staff, administrators and teachers have dealt with issues that they could have never imagined.  

Think for a minute about just a few of the things teachers have had to overcome:  

  • Teachers have learned how to teach students remotely with very little training.  
  • Teachers have been asked to socially distance students and keep them 6 feet apart while noting which students might have been in close contact with peers.   
  • Teachers have been asked to monitor students and notice those who might need emotional support. 
  • Teachers have been asked to communicate with students and teach them while masked.  
  • Teachers have been asked to ensure that students with health concerns are kept safe. 
  • Teachers have prioritized their students’ needs by advocating for in-person learning over remote learning.
  • Teachers have tried to maintain a sense of normalcy when classrooms are anything but normal. 

We respectfully ask the following of our parents: 

Please be patient as teachers deal with new guidelines and navigate ever-changing rules.  Some teachers are comfortable with the recommended not required masking policy while others are not there yet.  Some teachers may still ask students to wear a mask occasionally when they feel it is appropriate.  Thank you, parents, for continuing to encourage your students to listen and respect these requests. We have found in the past week that our students are just fine with teachers asking for some leeway in this area.  Triad has caring students who, just like the teachers, have been asked to deal with a school environment that has been anything but normal for the last two years. Triad families continue to do an incredible job of setting high expectations and raising empathetic and caring children.  

Triad teachers are the best!   We want to support them and give them the grace that they show our students every day. Our teachers and our entire Triad staff have navigated every change during the pandemic with a focus on the individual needs of the students and their growth.  While every Triad staff member has encountered a variety of different situations and challenges, we know the focus of everyone this week has been no different than at any time during the last two years--meeting the needs of all students!