Sarah Deiters Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award Winner 22-23

Congratulations to Sarah Deiters, TMS 7th grade reading teacher, Triad's 2022-2023 Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award winner.

Sarah Deiters exemplifies excellence in teaching. As a seventh grade reading teacher and middle school student council sponsor, she is a tremendous mentor and role model for her students. Mrs. Deiters always has a warm, caring smile on her face as she greets students in the hallways and in her classroom. A student recently shared that Mrs. Deiters is a favorite teacher of so many students because of “the way she treats everyone in a calm and respectful way. She really cares about us as people, not just students.” As proof, Mrs. Deiters can often be found cheering on her students at extracurricular activities.  

In addition to her friendly nature, Mrs. Deiters works hard and is extremely organized within her classroom. She is always looking for ways to learn and grow as a teacher. Mrs. Deiters takes pride in helping reluctant readers find books that might spark an untapped interest in reading for pleasure.  As a willing collaborator and an outstanding communicator, Mrs. Deiters maintains positive relationships with her students, families, and co-workers. She is always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone in need.

Mrs. Deiters is a leader within our building. The students and staff at Triad Middle School continually benefit from her leadership with the middle school student council. She has organized and planned numerous events for TMS with our student leaders. Mrs. Deiters combines her organizational skills with her creativity to make sure that events and celebrations are inclusive and enjoyable for everyone. 

Sarah Deiters is an unsung hero at Triad Middle School for all that she does behind the scenes and is very deserving of the Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award.